Condair DA desiccant dehumidifiers

Desiccant dehumidifiers are ideal for providing dehumidification at very low temperatures or when very low humidity levels are needed. The Condair DA range can operate effectively down to -30°C and maintain an atmosphere as low as 10%RH.

A range of additional modules can be connected to the dehumidifier, providing flexible operation, enabling it to deliver air exactly as an application requires it. These include pre- or post-cooling batteries, heat exchangers and condensation modules.

The additional heat exchangers can utilise gas, hot water or steam to reduce the operating costs of the system and can be operated alongside the regular electric heater. Models up to 20kg/h have electrical reactivation with advanced self-regulating PTC heating.

A wide range of control options is available and includes an on-board touch screen controller, BMS support, with Modbus as standard, as well as a comprehensive range of other BMS gateways.

Condair DA dehumidifiers incorporate high quality AC or EC fans prior to the desiccant rotor, in a push configuration, to avoid contact with the hot humid exhaust air and prolong operational lifetime of the fans.

The desiccant rotors are positioned in a vertical configuration as standard, allowing a minimal design height. 

Features and benefits

  • Ideal for use in low temperatures or when very low humidity is required, 10-50%RH
  • Operating range of -30°C to 40°C
  • Dry air volumes range from 160m³/h to 9,400m³/h from standard models
  • Fans situated prior to desiccant rotor avoiding contact with hot, humid air
  • Very flexible configuration options make the DA suitable for any drying project
  • Can deliver dry air directly to a room or a ducted ventilation system

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