Temperature controlling condensing dehumidifier with external compressor

This range of Condair DC condensing dehumidifiers can provide air drying and optional cooling with the use of an external compressor.

The unit can be operated in dehumidification-only mode, when waste heat from the dehumidification process is released into the room, or in cooling mode, when the unit dehumidifies and cools. In this second mode, the waste heat is ejected via the remote compressor.

Capacities range from 263 to 940 L/D (30°C/80%RH) and 13 to 43kW of cooling.

The housing is galvanised metal with a powder coated enamel as standard and available in stainless steel as an option.

Operation is controlled via its on-board digital display, an optional remotely located controller up to 50m away or via a BMS (Modbus).

The Condair DC dehumidifiers use energy efficient EC fans with a three speed selection.

Features and benefits

  • Provides dehumidification and temperature control
  • Can deliver process air directly to a room or via an air handling unit
  • Only high quality branded components used in refrigerant circuit and R410A
  • Hot gas defrost and energy efficient EC fans as standard
  • Easily accessible internals designed for simple maintenance

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