Condair DP swimming pool dehumidifiers

The Condair DP range of swimming pool dehumidifier offers a comprehensive choice for small to large commercial pools. All incorporate condensing technology and heat recovery systems to provide energy efficient operation.

In-room units are attractively designed and wall-mounted. They draw moist air in at the bottom and release dry air out of the top.

A similar range is available to be located in an adjacent room. Air is drawn from the pool area via ducting, dried by the dehumidifier and then supplied back to the room.

Ceiling mounted units can be located above a suspended ceiling system or left exposed if floor or wall space is not available in the pool or utility area.

Floor standing systems offer high performance dehumidification as well as electric heating options that can replace the need for other space heating. These can also introduce fresh air from outside as well as vent exhaust air. Heat recovery systems maximise energy efficiency and can recover heat from the room or the dehumidification process back to the supply air. Alternatively it can be used to heat the pool water.

A wide range of standard options are offered across the ranges to meet the requirements of any indoor pool area. Custom-made designs are also available upon request.

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